FBK, Any23 and my involvement in Sindice.com

February 20, 2010

After almost two years spent working at Asemantics, I left it to join the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), a quite large research institute based in Trento.

These last two years have been amazing: I met very skilled and enthusiastic people working with them on a broad set of different technologies. Every day spent there has been an opportunity for me to learn something new from them, and at the very end they are now very good friends more than colleagues. Now Asemantics is part of the bigger Pro-netics Group.

Moved from Rome, I decided to follow Giovanni Tummarello and Michele Mostarda to launch from scratch a new research unit at FBK called “Web of Data”. FBK is a well-established organization with several units acting on a plethora of different research fields. Every day there is the opportunity to join workshops and other kind of events.

Just to give you an idea of how the things work here, in the April 2009 David Orban gave a talk here on “The Open Internet of Things” attended by a large number of researchers and students. Aside FBK, in Trento there is a quite active community hanging out around the Semantic Web.

The Semantic Valley”, that’s how they call this euphoric movement around these technologies.

Back to me, the new “Web of Data” unit has joined the Sindice.com army and the last minute release of Any23 0.2 is only the first outcome of this joint effort on the Semantic Web Index between DERI and FBK.

In particularly, the Any23 0.2 release has been my first task here. It’s library, a service, an RDF distiller. It’s used on board the Sindice ingestion pipeline, it’s publicly available here and yesterday I spent a couple of minutes to write this simple bookmarklet:


Once on your browser, it returns a bunch of distilled RDF triples using the Any23 servlet if pressed on a Web page.

So, what’s next?

The Web of Data unit has just started. More things, from the next release of Sindice.com to other projects currently in inception, will see the light. I really hope to keep on contributing on the concrete consolidation of the Semantic Web, the Web of Data or Web3.0 or whatever we’d like to call it.



  1. Congratulations on the new role! I hope we’ll find ways to continue collaborating. I’m sure you have bright things ahead of you 🙂 All the best, –Dan

    • Thanks Dan, I appreciate your comment! I’m sure we will keep on collaborating on current projects and, why not, on new exiting ones!


  2. Yes! And hopefully you will work on new exciting projects with us as well! 😉

    SoNet rocks! Wed even more! 😉

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